Yellow Fever Vaccine

Yellow fever is an acute viral hemorrhagic disease transmitted by infected mosquitoes. It is called yellow fever because of the yellowing of the skin and eyes that affects some patients. The virus is endemic in tropical and subtropical regions in Africa and South America.


In addition to administering yellow fever vaccines, we aim to educate our patients and the community at large. We see our role, especially in this day and age, as one that provides education to our community. That’s what matters most to us.  


As a condition of employment, Voyage Medical requires all new hires to be fully educated on yellow fever and the vaccines for it. 

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Yellow Fever Early Symptoms

Early symptoms of yellow fever last 3-4 days, with 15% progressing to severe forms like jaundice, bleeding, organ failure, and shock. Recognizing these symptoms and seeking medical care is crucial, especially in known yellow fever areas.


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  • Jaundice
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bleeding 
  • Decreased urination
  • Heart rhythm problems
  • Seizures
  • Delirium or coma 
  • Shock

The Yellow fever’s severe phase leads to high mortality rates and organ function issues. Supportive care focuses on symptoms and complications, emphasizing vaccination for prevention.

The yellow fever vaccine is generally safe and effective, but it can cause adverse reactions in some individuals. Common reactions include mild soreness, redness, and swelling, as well as fever and headache. Allergic reactions, such as difficulty breathing, wheezing, and hives, are rare but require immediate medical attention. Viscerotropic Disease, a severe but rare reaction, is more common in older individuals and those with weakened immune systems. Neurotropic Disease, a rare but severe reaction, involves brain and spinal cord inflammation. Healthcare providers can assess risk factors and manage adverse reactions.

People who have zero knowledge about a disease often ask the question “How fatal is it?”. Case fatality risk (CFR), commonly referred to as case fatality ratio or rate, is being used to determine the probability of disease cases being fatal. Based on the research strategy being implemented in Pubmed and Ovid Medline in June 2019 and updated in March 2021 seeking reported severe counts, defined by either jaundice or hemorrhaging and the number of those who were fatal. As a result, 39 % of yellow severe cases were estimated to be fatal. An estimate for the CFR of a disease based on observed fatal cases is typically included when reporting results from an outbreak investigation.  It is important to know and be aware of the Fatality risk and rate to stay safe. Here at Voyage Medical Primary Care we will provide you information about the risk and more importantly the benefits of having Yellow Fever Vaccine. It is safe to say that Yellow Fever Vaccine together with Voyage Medical Primary Care provides you with immunity against yellow fever.

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Why is the Yellow Fever Vaccine so important?

The yellow fever vaccine is crucial for protecting public health, preventing the spread of the disease, and ensuring global health security. It provides immunity against the deadly virus, reduces infection risk, and is often mandatory for travelers to regions with high yellow fever prevalence. It also helps protect vulnerable groups and prevents outbreaks.

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Why Are People Vaccine Hesitant

Vaccine hesitancy is a complex issue influenced by misinformation, distrust in healthcare, perceived disease rarity, safety concerns, cultural beliefs, and social networks. Addressing it requires clear communication, community engagement, improved vaccine access, and rebuilding trust in the healthcare system. Public health initiatives can improve vaccination rates and protect communities.

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