We offer a variety of Vaccines for your travel needs. Voyage Medical provides immunization coverage to adults, older adults, international travelers, and those requiring immunizations for occupational reasons.

Some of our Available Vaccines

Hepatitis B Vaccine

The Hepatitis B vaccine is a crucial preventive measure against the hepatitis B virus, which can cause severe liver diseases. It is recommended for infants, children, and at-risk adults, with mild side effects, making it a vital preventive tool in global health efforts.

Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine, the best protection against Japanese Encephalitis. It is given to adults aged 18-65 years old in three doses including a booster. 


The rabies vaccine is a vaccine used to prevent rabies. There are a number of rabies vaccines available that are both safe and effective. They can be used to prevent rabies before, and for a period of time after, exposure to the rabies virus, which is commonly caused by a dog bite or a bat bite.

Hepatitis A Vaccine

The Hepatitis A vaccine protects the Hepatitis A virus. The vaccine has made the disease less common in the United States, but outbreaks among unvaccinated people still happen. The CDC recommends that all children get the vaccine between 12 to 23 months as well as infants aged 6 through 11 months travelling outside the United States for added protection. 

Yellow Fever Vaccine

The yellow fever vaccine is crucial for protecting public health, preventing the spread of the disease, and ensuring global health security. It provides immunity against the deadly virus, reduces infection risk, and is often mandatory for travelers to regions with high yellow fever prevalence. It also helps protect vulnerable groups and prevents outbreaks.

Polio was one of the most feared diseases in the US between 1940s to 1950s before vaccines were developed against it. According to the CDC, between those times it is estimated that 15,000 to 35,000 people each year were being paralyzed by the poliovirus (the virus that causes polio). The polio vaccine holds paramount importance in public health due to its critical role in preventing poliomyelitis, a highly contagious viral disease that can cause paralysis and even death. 

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Why Are People Vaccine Hesitant

Vaccine hesitancy is a complex issue influenced by misinformation, distrust in healthcare, perceived disease rarity, safety concerns, cultural beliefs, and social networks. Addressing it requires clear communication, community engagement, improved vaccine access, and rebuilding trust in the healthcare system. Public health initiatives can improve vaccination rates and protect communities.

Knowledge Gap and Conspiracy Theories in Vaccines

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