A Primary Care Experience Like You've Never Seen

Transform your healthcare experience with our patient-centered, personalized primary care services. With innovative technology and a commitment to exceptional care.

Revolutionize your healthcare with our personalized, technology-driven primary care.


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Primary Care

We serve as your primary care team, offering the entire family the most up-to-date medical services with great exceptional patient experiences with our medical professionals and friendly clinic.

TeleHealth Services

For non-emergency medical situations, you will have constant access to in-network medical professionals. Call a doctor for guidance, a diagnosis, or a prescription.

Flipping the Health Care Industry Upside Down

We welcome everyone and the voyager cards comes with a little bit more”

Will meet you where you are and will journey with you to better health”

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Voyage Medical Primary Care is easy and convenient. Our team cares about Comprehensive Care, so that you achieve holistic health.

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Voyage Medical Primary Care

Patients who visit our facilities feel appreciated and honored and quickly become passionate when they ask questions about research, science, and medicine. When asked a question, members of our staff quickly and receptively smile, alert and enthusiastic. It is clear that our team aspires to transform healthcare.

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Say goodbye to the old ways of healthcare

A primary Care experience like you've never seen.

Accepting all Major Insurances

A Primary Care Experience Like You've Never Seen

We provide patient-centered care that is accessible, comprehensive, and leads to recovery.

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1130 W. Grove Ave. Suite 115 Mesa, AZ. 85210

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Transformative Primary Care, Tailored To You

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We offer primary care and telehealth services. 

Say Goodbye to The Old Ways of Healthcare

A Primary Care Experience Like You've Never Seen

Mission & Vision


Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate primary healthcare to individuals and families in our community. We strive to promote health and wellness, prevent disease, and manage chronic conditions through evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care. Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships with our patients, empowering them to take an active role in their own healthcare journey. We are committed to delivering high-quality, accessible, and affordable care that meets the diverse needs of our patients. 


Our vision is to create a new approach to primary care that puts the patient first and be recognized as the leading Primary Care industry in 2026.  By building strong relationships with our patients, we ensure that they feel heard and respected, and with Voyage Medical, we will ensure that we give them an unreasonable hospitality experience that exceeds their expectations throughout their healthcare journey.

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