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Kelly Williams
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My next door neighbor was the one that recommended Voyage Medical for the RSV study. I was greeted by a very nice and friendly lady at the front desk. The explanation about the study was clear and very easy to understand. The gentleman that took the nose sample was just as nice and friendly as the lady at the front desk. He explained everything clear and made it understandable. They made me feel almost like family. In today's day & age, it was nice to see that people still care about people. I hope you have a similar experience.
Trey Stricklin
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Voyage Medical was EXTREMELY good to me while I was there! The visit was prompt. The staff was courteous. Not to mention, the office was beautiful and inviting 😀Thank you Voyage, for an awesome experience.
Petty Dark Arts Dabbler
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The staff at Voyage Medical were phenomenal. They were very kind and helpful with any questions or concerns I may have had throughout the process. Also the office was very clean and the environment was extremely inviting. Also they gave me snacks when I got there so that also wins them massive brownie points.
Summer C
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Voyage medical is a great place to come! Very warm, relaxing and welcoming environment. The staff is great, very kind and positive. The office it’s self is very soothing and comfortable. 10/10 recommend!
David Deney
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A friend referred me to Voyage medical, upon arriving I was treated with the utmost respect given snacks and cold drinks on the hottest day of the year and treated very well by the receptionist and offered clothing and shoes. I am on the streets and if I have to go to the hospital my wife can stay here safe and not be alone on the street. Also offered to help with talking to hospital if I need help. Offered to help me on top of study compensation. Told me to come by if i am in the area if I am ever thirsty and hungry. I was made to feel welcome and at home as if I was family. God bless Voyage medical for helping and caring for me, and my wife.
Susan Acardi
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I joined a study for COVID vaccine. This was my first experience with clinical trials. From my first appointment, to my phone calls with any concerns I might have had, the staff was always welcoming, warm, and understanding. They treated me with kindness and respect.. The payments were generous and the snack kitchen has yummy snacks and plentiful. The ambience in the office brings a relaxing feel. I always left feeling confident I was doing something good for others. Without these studies new medicines would not be available for people in need of them. If you want to join a clinical trial I suggest VOYAGE. I'm glad I found them and look forward to joining the next trial suitable for me. Excellence, and competence.. if you want to do something good withers and make some money pick VOYAGE, you won't be disappointed.

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