Frequently asked questions

Transform your healthcare experience with our patient-centered, personalized primary care services. With innovative technology and a commitment to exceptional care. Revolutionize your healthcare with our personalized, technology-driven primary care.

You need to be aware of your medical history, the symptoms you had, your daily activities, and any additional medications you are receiving. Additionally, you are welcome to bring your current insurance card.

Patients can see the same doctor at each appointment. We believe that continuity of care is as important as quality care and a more personalized approach. In some cases, this may not be possible due to factors such as the availability of the doctor or their workload. If you are concerned about seeing the same doctor at each appointment, you can speak with our team member to see what options are available. We will work with you to make sure you can visit your preferred physician as frequently as possible.

Here at Voyage Medical Primary Care we are offering weight loss strategies, preventative care, acute illnesses and injuries management, disease management, men’s health, sports physicals or job physicals, occupational medicine including at cost TB screening or Tetanus (Tdap) injections, chronic care, palliative care, immunizations and vaccinations and consultation and direction to specialized care. You may also visit our primary care page,

You have the option to get the hard copy of your test results in our clinic or you may request to have it received through email. 

At Voyage Medical Primary Care, we request 24 or 48 hours’ notice for appointment cancellations or rescheduling. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, it’s best to do so as soon as possible to allow other patients to take your appointment slot. You can contact us at 480-306-5000 or email us at to request a cancellation or to reschedule your appointment.

You will have access to Voyage patients Portal once you become Voyage Medical Patient.

We believe that every patient’s feedback is a gift, and we give value to each patient’s feedback. During your appointment, you can mention your concerns to us so we can address them accordingly. We are also sending patients feedback forms after consultation through email.

We have a lot of educational material at our clinic. We also have a monthly newsletter we send to our patients and subscribers every month. We are also publishing press releases to various websites multiple times a year. 

In the event of emergency, please call 911.

We want to make sure our patients receive the best possible care they deserve. During a checkup, our doctors will give patients a follow-up date to check on their progress since the last checkup. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you may call us at 480-306-5000 or visit our website at for online scheduling.

Yes, we offer preventative care services like vaccines and health screenings.

Yes, you can schedule an appointment for a family member.

Yes, our team speaks many languages including: Spanish, Arabic, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Farsi.

You may reach out to any of our staff, you may call us at 480-306-5000 or visit our website at for more information. 

We transform your healthcare experience with our patient-centered, personalized primary care services. With innovative technology and a commitment to exceptional care. 

We strive to provide patients with wait times that are less than 10 minutes.

Your schedule can be scheduled immediately depending on your availability.

You can text us anytime, and we are ready to help you! Text us at 480-306-5000. 

Give us a call at 480-306-5000 and we will make sure to see you.

Actually, no. We have a conceirge that will fill out all the paperwork for you! So come in and make yourself comfortable!
Definitely, just a give us a call to setup a time!
We accept all major insurances. You are welcome to pay for additional services with credit, debit, or cash. Whatever makes you comfortable!
Yes, a variety of accomodations will be made available for patients with disabilities, and our concierge will be at the ready for any request.
Voyage Medical can accomodate with patients with chronic conditions and we can make the necessary referrals

We don’t have additonal fee but you may request for additional services.